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KZ3 and ZX4


In 1994 Chris Weismann entered the Drag Bike racing market with the ZX3. A ground up new 3 speed design specifically for Steve Rice's new ZX1100 Funny Bike. Terry Kizer bought the other 2 for his new bike. 9 years and 3 Championships later, this transmission is still the best and the strongest Funny Bike transmission in existance!

In 1995 Chris designed our best seller, the KZ3. A new 3 speed for the KZ1000 Funny Bikes, custom made to utilize the totally different transmission cases, and at the same time give the ability to roll out of the throttle in any gear. Bryan Bennett won his first Funnybike Championship using a KZ3. Since then Robert Giard and Gene Langley have each one one.

In 1996 Chris designed an all new concept 4 speed to mate up with Rick Crouch's custom, rigid bottom end. Forget about looking in junkyards for old, used engine cases that are going to break sooner than later! Made for Suzuki or Kawasaki power heads and combined with a new concept in drag bike design, this is our vision of the future of Drag Racing. We call it the Alpha Legend.

In 1999 Chris designed another all new concept 4 speed, the ZX4. Steve Rice, Terry Kizer, Tom Jackson, and Jack Bell all have moved to the modern ZX1100 powered drag bikes. Steve won the AMA/Prostar Western Series opener at Bakersfield in it's very first event! Tom Jackson was 3rd in ProMod on his debut in ProMod. Tom said "It shifts great! I can't even hear it go in. I'm glad I made the choice to go with your tranny! Don't make them for anyone else!"

In 2000, Chris designed the KZ4. John Larson and Larry Laye made it happen and Bob Coldiron, Charlie Kahley, Steve Reiger, Rick Ball, Neil Diggens, and Rick Lang stepped up for theirs.

For 2001, Chris has two new transmissions in the works! One is the first protoype "QuickShift" 6 speed for George Bryce's Suzuki Pro Stock Bike! The second is the first protoype ZX124 for Rob Muzzy's Kawasaki ZX1200 Pro Mod!

For 2003, Chris has finally introduced the GS3! Same bullet proof design, just more compact for the narrow Suzuki cases.


... and there's more to come!


The ZX4 and KZ4 are an all new design from the handle bars to the sprocket. This single push-button 4 speed utilizes the latest technology learned from some of the most powerful bikes and best riders in Funny Bike history!

These transmissions are the first 4 speeds to be shifted without forks or a barrel!

As a result Chris had to invent a radical new shift system for them.

First, Chris had his electronic-genius friend Steve Morse design and manufacture the NEW "Transwitch" controller designed specifically for our 3 and 4 speed transmissions . There is now a electronic push button shifter that mounts on the handlebar, with a big red button to upshift, a small yellow button to select neutral, and a bright, integrated digital light display to tell which gear you are in, day or night. The shift control is handled by a little black box that contains the air valves, air manifold, and a circuit board.

Then, to shift the the 4 speed transmissions, Chris has invented a NEW, compact, blue air shifter that mounts the motor plate on the sprocket side.

There are no rocker air-switches on the handlebar, so the air hoses do not have to run up to the handlebars and back down to the shifter which result in a delayed shift, and requires more air and air-pressure. The air hoses, 1/4 in diameter for quicker and more powerful airflow, run from the air supply to the black box, then to the shifter. The black box is mounted as close to the air-supply and shifter as possible to minimize hose length and increase shift time!

Also, to eliminate the 1-3 shifts experienced by Steve Rice's high revving ZX1100 motor, Chris has invented a NEW, over-ride ramp for the gears and dog rings. The dogrings have been further reduced in weight without sacrificing strength!

Burnouts can be done in any gear! The rider can shift up the gears during the burnout to save wear and tear on the clutches.

Unfortunately, Kawasaki and Suzuki don't consult each other when they design their engines. As a result, the cases are not the same, especially in the transmission area. The cases vary in width and center distance. Both Kawasaki and Suzuki have even modified their cases from year to year. What this means to you is that a ZX4 is only good for ZX1100 engine case, KZ3 for KZ1000, etc... All our designs are familiar, but not interchangeable.

All of our designs have many advantages built in to allow for high impact loads and better load Distribution:

No forks, no bushings, no barrel, no bolted gears, no thrust washers, no shims, no foot shifter, and no Jacking around!

The ability to roll in and out of the throttle in all gears at anytime.

Aircraft alloys for the strongest parts.

State of the art gear tooth design.

Trouble-free air-shifted systems by Kelmor and BHP.

Spare 2nd gear dogring on the 3 speed models.

All moving gears are on caged needle roller bearings.

Transmissions drop into case without machining with the KZ3.

To strengthen the ZX4 cases in the transmission area, we have installed 2 thin steel girdles for the main case bearings. 2 bosses need to be hand ground for clearance around 2nd gear and 4th pinion. Machining of the cases is required.

Output bearing is a roller bearing instead of a ball bearing on KZ models only.

For the KZ4 and KZ3, we have a NEW Custom Output Shaft has multiple tooth involute splines and the largest diameter possible. We modify your sprocket to fit the new shaft spline.

Quick assembly and disassembly. Large diameter shafts to resist bending loads.

Stock input shaft spline to adapt current baskets.

Low maintenance, simple inspection.

44 years of experience designing and manufacturing high performance racing transmissions.

Quality, Performance, Reliability.

Steve Rice first came to us for his ZX3, we have supplied him with a KZ3, a ZX4. We have supplied transmissions to Terry Kizer, Steve Humphrey and John Morgan, Richard and Roland Klotz, Tim Cullinan, Bill Hahn Sr., Josh Nelson, Peter Steuri, Mark Wagoner and Tommy Bolton, Kenny Shurtz, John Terranova, Bob Bodven, Scott Mueller, Jerry and Jewel Graves, Greg Scheiber, Rick and Mikko "the dog" Crouch, David Abraham, Jack Bell, John Larson, Charlie Kahley, Steve Suter and Arnie "King Pin" Heller, Tom "When can I have it?" Jackson and Pat Watson, Neil Diggens, Bob Coldiron, Bryan Bennett, Steve Rieger, David Brown (Austrailia), Rick Ball, Jay Hall, David Shnitz, Keith Lynn, Ricky Lang, Bill Hahn Sr. and Rob Giard, Tom Housteau, John and Travis Davis (KZ3 and GS3), Ted Kennedy, Neil Midgley (England), Rhys Endicott-Davies (Australia), Skip Cambell, Rob Muzzy, John Morgan (Top Funny) James Mobley, Michel Deslandes (Canada), Steve Dawson (Canada), Vasilious Maroulous (Greece), James Fresh, Tony Parker, Tim Blakemore (England ZX12 Funnybike), ...


If you run our transmissions and you want to have your picture on our site, please email us a jpeg at gearboxes@hotmail.com or send us a good picture and we'll scan it in!



Bryan Bennett has purchased our KZ3 for his awesome Funny Bike. On his first pass, Bennett laid down his quickest ever ET at 6.745 s ! His next pass was even quicker at 6.685 s. For the whole weekend, 7 passes, he averaged quicker than he had ever run at 6.72 s !

If only he had put it in gear, he would have won the final !

He made up for it in the next 2 races by winning both of them !

Bryan Bennett won the 1999 Eastern AMA / Prostar Championship just by qualifying for the Gainsville National in November !

He came back in 2000 to add the IDBA Funny Bike Title to his credit!



Steve Rice has for the
2nd year in a row, secured the Western AMA/Prostar Funny bike Championship!

This ZX3 is from the original batch of 3 from 1994!

Steve Rice 1998 AMA/Prostar Western Series Funny bike Champion

Steve Suter and Arnie Heller stunned the Funny bike world with 9 World Records in their first year in Funny bike!


Ken Shurtz bought our 2nd KZ3.


Tom Jackson bought our first ZX4 for his clean Pro Mod bike.


It took 4 years, but in 1998, Jerry Graves was the first rider to break a KZ3 part! He pushed stock technology to it's limit and it's finally time for a change. Chris has redesigned the output shaft and sprocket to handle the high horsepower and torque being put to the asphalt now!

All of the transmissions supplied from now on will have stock Weismann technology on the output shafts.


Steve Humphrey was our second customer! He bought our first KZ3, and 4 years later, he still is running that KZ3! . He teamed up with John Morgan, who also owns a KZ3 and made this awesome turbo alcohol Funny bike. Their bike won Best Engineered Bike at the 1997 AMA/Prostar World Finals in Gainesville!

John Terranova bought our 3rd KZ3. He hasn't ordered any spare parts yet!


Terry Kizer has bought our ZX3 for his Funny bike and a ZX4 for his Pro Mod bike. Ricky Gadston stunned the Funny bike and Pro Mod world by beating all of them with the quick time of the meet. A 6.86 s 1/4 mile on a Pro Mod bike!

Jay Hall is our most recent new customer. Jay bought a KZ3 with our new push-button shifter.


Recently we received this email from one of our customers in Australia.

"My name is Jacinta Elliott, I race in Australia. Our bike is a 1394 cc
Kawasaki that uses Mr Turbo Components. We have run a best of 8.2@160mph with lots left in it yet. It uses a Rajay Turbo,
Traction Products gearbox and a Falicon crank. Attached are some photos. We have been using one of your gearboxes for a few years now and it has performed faultlessly. A great product.


David Abraham narrowly missed winning the British Funnybike Championship last year by one qualifying heat!


Thanks to late Marty Kane at www.dragbike.com for some of the pictures.

Thanks Matt Polito at www.mattpolito.com for some of the pictures.

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