Randy Scism and Ali Nasser have won the 1999 UIM Offshore World Championship with our  innovative Diesel Drop 4 Speed Semi-Automatic package for Victory Team.

Victory Team has decided to run a 2 boat team that year with one boat running the Diesel package, and the other running Lambo package. Jotun will also be back with an updated package.


Computer controlled,
semi-automatic 2, 3, 4, and 6 speed,
drysump transmissions

"Drysump Drive".
Stealthily created by Pete and Pat Weismann,
our "Drysumped" Mercury 6 drives won
it's first race in the hands of Felix Serralles
and Saeed Al Tayer in 1994 in Dubai, UAE.

In 1995 and 1996, Victory Team boats ran away with the UIM Class 1 World Championships.

In 1996, the Zerodefect Team won the APBA World Championships!

In 1997, the Zerodefect Team won the APBA World Championships!

In 1998 and 1999 the Drambuie On Ice Team won the APBA World Championships!

In 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000, the Victory Team won the UIM Class 2 Championships!

In 2000, Don Q won the APBA Super Cat Championship!


In 1996 in the U.S., Laith Pharon and John Tomlinson
combined our semi-automatic 3 speeds with
our drives and broke all the records by winning
all 11 races in the 1996 APBA Championship.
During that season, word leaked out that
we were making the drives and in 1997, the APBA
banned "Drysump Drives" and "Multi-speed Transmissions.

The only company that was affected by this rule change was ours!
We were banned for beating everybody fair and square!

Our Drysump Drives have both a scavenge and pressure pump inside the drive, and oil is pumped through the transom to a sump tank stored and de-airiated in the boat. Oil is then pumped back into the drive
and sprayed into all bearings and gear sets.

In mid-1997 Mercury bought our design and introduced their version of a "Drysump Drive", and now Drysump Drives are legal in some classes. So, we could race again and as a result, we won the 1997 APBA Open Class with Alcone and Modified Class With Restore. In 1998 and 1999 (already) we won the APBA Open Class with Johnny Tomlinson and Forest Barber in the Drambuie On Ice cat.

We have made drysump conversions for Mercury
6, 6A, 5, and 4 drives.

Laith Pharon and Eduoardo Polli
join forces for '98.
Lino Di Biase, the team manager, spearheaded
this innovative package for this year
in only 4 months!
With the help of Victory Design,
this boat has been rebuilt to package our
new 3 speed gearboxes coupled to two monstrous
10.6 l inline six diesel engines made by Seatek.

Laith Pharon and Eduoardo Polli leading the field in St. Petersburg, Russia '98.


Pharon and Polli cruising to a 3rd straight pole position
in Arendal, Norway '98.
256 kph (153 mph), a full 12 kph faster
than 2nd place Victory 7.

Felix Serralles III and Juan Oscar Serralles
debuted our new 4 speed transmissions
in Puerto Rico.
After testing them for the first time
earlier in the week, they raced that weekend.
The boat led most of the way only to have
fuel pick-up problems near the finish,
which forced them to finish 3rd.


Felix Seralles and Saeed Al Tayer were
lucky to survive a massive explosion that
blew the deck off the boat. There was a
a fuel leak that spread vapors to the
engines, causing the boat to explode,
burn down to the water line, and sink.
This is the same boat that won the
'95 and '96 World Championships.

1995 and 1996 UIM Class 1 World Champions
using our innovative drysump drives.

Laith Pharon and John Tomlinson
1996 U.S. National APBA Champions
winning an incredible 11 FOR 11 !!
The boat had two 3 speed transmissions
and our drysump drives.
The transmissions are controlled by
purpose designed
computers by
our computer-genius Walt Spurgiasz.
For 1997 season, the APBA banned
multi-speed transmissions and drysump drives!

Forest Barber 1997 SBI Modified World Champion

1st 2nd 3rd in Oslo, Norway 1996

Felix Serralles and Saeed Al Tayer
cruising to victory in San Tropez, France 1995.

Randy Scism and Ali Nasser flying

Felix and Saeed flying


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